WHAT IS VALUE FOR MONEY? Article by Luke Smart

Value for money shouldn’t be all about discounting your salon’s services.

Price cuts may provide a short-term revenue boost but it won’t build your business.
Instead, the key to building your hairdressing business is to focus on the simple concept of transforming your client’s hair.
This brings the value for money proposition back to where you can make a real difference: using your styling experience and expertise to make your client look their best.
As hairdressers we need to leverage off our experience and not let the focus fall back to price.
We need to be drawing on the wealth of knowledge we have and channel it into the service we provide to clients.
We create value by exploring ideas that are beyond what the client knows to ask for or expects.
This might include make-up tips, hair colour recommendations and seasonal adjustments to the hairstyle.
The simple introduction of another idea or concept is the power behind both adding value to the client service and building a referral business.
The best result is one where the client receives positive comments about their hair from friends, family and colleagues.
That leads to the client passing on recommendations and positive word of mouth feedback for the salon.
Word of mouth is the strongest tool in generating new clients. A salon can spend a fortune on marketing and advertising campaigns or simply empower their team to introduce a little change.
Spring/Summer is a great time to introduce your guests to something new, whether it a dramatic change or something more subtle. It might be as simple as a different highlight placement, a fringe or even a new make-up colour.
Remember, changing your client’s hair is the number one key to building business.
The key to building your business
– Look at what can be done not what has been done
– Have an open mind and look at each guest as a blank canvass
We are so reliant on our client histories that following what was previously performed is becoming the norm.
However, in doing this the client is missing out on all the other possibilities that potentially could look even better.
Add value by looking at skin tone, face shapes and talk to seasonal accents.
Your client will be better informed and might even have something new.
A challenge that came up for my team is “I don’t have the time”. What I say to them is to be open-minded and look at the appointing as a 45-minute opportunity to how you can transform the client’s hair and look.
Finally, by providing your guest with a bespoke personalised service you are providing value through the experience and they will not have the same result with anyone else.
This is good for the salon, good for the operator and great for building the business.

Luke Smart
– Salon owner
– Business coach


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