Trish Murray

Trish Murray
Fashion Stylist & Keynote Speaker
Born in Singapore
Manly Beach, Sydney

Trish Murray is a mum-trepreneur, a woman of style and a mentor for other women, helping them gain self esteem and confidence and live extraordinary lives. She is the developer of the award-winning design company Yummy Mummy and has 20 years of industry experience working with all shapes, sizes and budgets. Trish is passionate about the feel good, look good attitude and is also able to share secret tips top models and celebrities use to present their optimum selves. Web:

What fashion trends are you loving this season?
Neon. I am in love with colour and what is more colourful than fabulous fluro?! Wearing colour not only lifts your own spirits, but those around you feel good. Spring/Summer is my favourite time of year because everyone feels more comfortable popping on something bright and cheerful. Life is better in colour!

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe?
Beach Towel. I know I should be saying something like ‘my super soft fitted black leather jacket’ or ‘my sky high bright strappy stilettos I feel like a rock star in’ or even ‘my latest pink neon top with silver detailing’, but the truth is I’m a beach boho chick at heart and if I’m wearing a cossie, beach hat and a towel wrapped around my waist then chances are the mercury is soaring and I’m about to take a dip in the ocean and life is good! Fabulous!

What are your tips for other mum-trepreneurs like you to balance motherhood and career?
Live the moment – If you have a day at home or even a few hours with your family, be present. Put your mobile away, don’t check your emails and actually have a conversation, laugh and hug with the people you love the most. The rest will wait.Be your own priority – You should be important to yourself. Women work so damn hard they rarely stop and say ‘ok, it’s my time’. However, I have found those women who do make themselves a priority have better balance in their life; and therefore are better mums. It takes some getting used to for a woman to put her needs ahead of her family and work but you need time out from both being a mother and working. Create appointments in your diary for ‘me-time.’ There is nothing selfish about it.

So many tips for these women who are my heroes… Have you got another 8 spare pages? You’d have to come do a Personal One on One Style Session with me to hear them all! [Shameless plug, but that’s what I do every day – inspire women to see their true potential. It’s what I was born to do and I love it. Every women has a story]

What are the 3 beauty items you could not live without?
1. LIPSTICK: I’m a multi purpose girl, so lipstick goes on my lips, gets dotted on the apple of my cheeks and blended in as rouse and sometimes even lightly patted on as eyeshadow. Coral and bright pink are my favs during these warm months, followed by a moisturising lip gloss.

2. FRAGRANCE: If you know me well you know I’m all about beautiful sense. It’s just one of the many reasons I love Tribe Hair so much. It always smells so good. Essential oils dotted on the warm parts of my body linger for hours and make me feel good. I spray lavender mixed with water all over my home the moment I wake up and immediately pop in a tea-lite candle into my oil burner filled with heavenly scents. Wherever I work I also spray the area with beautiful smells. I couldn’t live without beautiful fragrances.

3. MOISTURISER: I love the outdoors and my skin is dry to start with, so lashings of moisturiser are important and cover my entire body. Natural products such as Aveda are my preference and of course it has to smell good 😉

Who is your celebrity hair envy?
This question makes me laugh! I have always wanted long lustful bouncy waves to flick over my shoulder and twist around my fingers. However, with my 25 years in the fashion and beauty industry, I know better. I am very aware how many hours and how many professionals it has taken to achieve ‘that photo’ on any celebrity. The hairdressing god and goddesses have shown me many times how to achieve that look and nine times out of ten it is hair extensions. Who really impresses me is a real busy woman who manages to look fabulous in a small amount of time and I believe a lot has to do with a great haircut by someone who really gets your own hair type.



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