The Missing Link in Building your Colour Business


Our hair colour business has flat-lined during the past three years. We are seeing the same number of clients and earning the same revenue as we did back in 2011 – and we are not alone. Most salons across Australia have experienced the same thing.

It’s not that our clients are less interested in transforming their look with a new colour. Instead, they are increasingly turning to home hair colour kits.

About six in ten women in the US and UK now use home DIY colour treatments, according to research by Mintel. (

These potential customers tell researchers they use the at-home kits to save time and money. But we know how difficult it is to do colour right. For a non-professional, the problems begin with picking the right shade and continues through to applying and washing out the product properly. The end result of a do-it-yourself job can be mediocre – and highly visible. Yet this segment continues to grow.

Where there are challenges there are opportunities. And that is to educate clients about how a professional colour treatment will online casino dgfev transform their look in a personal and subtle way. In a way that cannot be replicated using an off-the-shelf self-administered product bought from the supermarket.

There needs to be a shift from merely providing a service. Consultations should focus on what you can do for your guest’s hair colour that they will not be able to replicate themselves. We need to provide guests with what they don’t know they need.

Take this look as an example. The haircut is relatively simple, what sets the look apart is the colour. The colour is unique, the depth compliments the models skin tone and highlight placement gives interest and movement.

The key is that a client would never walk in and ask for something like this – it is a look that has to be created by a professional.

A beautiful colour is not a ½ head of foils, it’s not a block tint or a halo of highlights. It’s a beautiful bespoke mix of hues and shades that enhances features and skin tone with a little fleck of that ‘something else’.

That is what the consumer wants and that is how we win them back. Clients need to know that it takes many years to become a master colourist, and within this industry I believe Australian hairdressers are highly trained and capable professionals. The problem is we are simply following formulas and not looking at what can be done. We are looking at what has been done and just repeating notes from the last visit. The missing link lies in simply changing our mentality from being a service provider to a professional.


–          Makes recommendations

–          Looks at skin tone and eye colour

–          Uses hair colour to enhance a person’s features

–          Employs techniques that can’t be done at home

–          Takes client on a annual hair colour journey through the seasons

Service provider:

–          Applies what they are told

–          Does the same thing by just following the formula

Luke Smart is owner of Luc Espace and Tribe Lifestyle salons in Sydney


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