Men Should Care (About Their Hair)


It is an outdated and clichéd idea that hair styling and generally caring about your looks is exclusively for women which the salon is sacred grounds where men dare not tread. It is just as important now more than ever for guys to make sure they do what feels right with their looks.

If you have always stuck by the same look day in and day now might be the chance to try something radical. As Luc Espace stylist Jordana explains her Aveda Men’s Colour Harmony Award winning piece “ The Great Gatsby was a big source of inspiration’s behind the style. I wanted a tailored and fashionable men’s look”.

We have compiled our list of simple tips to keep men on top their game:

* Talk to your stylist about popping in for a fortnightly neck and sideburn touch up. Most salons offer this service free, some charge $15. It’s a good way to maintain that fresh look in-between haircuts

* Research your look, don’t leave it till last minute, find a style that is managable and fits into your lifestyle

* Break down the barriers. Long hair doesn’t have to be messy and untamed and short hair isn’t always so bold and serious. Have some fun and experiment with new styles

* Skin and scalp issues? See your stylist for advice on scalp and skin care for easy way to avoid an oily face or dry scalp

* ATTENTION MEN: you are allowed to colour your hair! Tone and blend white hair rather than a blanket tint. Gives a fresh youthful look. And its easy to maintain.

* Time to trim those eyebrows! Let your stylist take care of that. It is quite common for men to ask for this service so don’t be embarrassed

* If you’re still wary of going into a salon you can always achieve a huge variety of looks purely by purchasing the right products. Try Aveda’s Pure-formance range, including shampoos, conditioners creams and gels. For men the most demanded products are the Grooming Clay and the Grooming cream, as they are versatile, dynamic and can pretty much work on any guy’s hair.



We have packaged up your favourites to replenish and repair your hair from winter damage, and refresh your colour ready for summer!

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