Sustainability Q&A

1) When did you start to take sustainability in your business seriously?

Since the beginning sustainability has been a major factor in both the daily operations and also the design ethos. From the outset our salons are built with sustainable materials and the products we use environmentally friendly. It was a natural partnership to align ourselves with Aveda and more recently sustainable salons.


2) What are the most important environmental considerations in your business?

We look at the business needs and if there is a way to do the same thing with a better environmental outcome then we go for it. An example of this is using refoil. We use a lot of foil in our colour work. Refoil is simply recycled foil, which is great. We also use easy dry towels. Instead of laundering and running commercial washer dryers the Easy Dry towels are single use completely bridgeable towels made from sustainable wood pulp.


3) How do you get the staff involved and make them participate in your strategies?

It is part of the culture of the business and once I get behind something I get behind it 100%. I believe most people genuinely care for the environment and given the option will support any initiative that endorses this. Its our responsibility as business leaders to make these decisions and have it accessible.


4) What’s your advice for other business owners who don’t know where to start with recycling and sustainability?

Research; there are lots of initiatives and alternatives out there. Pretty much any aspect of running a salon can be done sustainably.


5) What are your business goals in terms of sustainability?

To keep an open mind and always embrace new advances. Continue to integrate sustainability in all aspects of the salon life



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