Knot On Top


top knotCure your winter woes and static strands by gathering them into a chic top knot.

Start with a blow dry. Stretch your hair out with your fingers whilst drying to keep your locks calm preventing a ‘bouffy’ effect.  Once dry, follow the front hairline with a comb and your blow dryer directing the hair away from your face to take care of any baby hairs.

Make a pony tail- secure your pony with your hand and spray some Aveda witch hazel hairspray. This will ensure a more refined final look to your top knot, then release your hair and brush it out.

Now style to create a lasting knot: Tip your head upside down pointing your chin as far away from your chest as possible. Do this step quite quickly to ensure there is no bagging (when the hair droops) at the back of your head. Make another ponytail up nice and high on the top of your head and flip your head back.

Loosely plait your hair and tie Could detox pills products and kits lead to health conditions like kidney stones and anemia?Liz@liz de laperouse:That is too broad a question. it off at the end. Knot your hair by making a loop as close to the base as possible then feed the end of the plait through the loop. When there is approximately 5-10cm of hair left outside the loop, bring it down and wrap it around the base and secure it with a bobby pin.

If your knot isn’t falling into place, secure with bobby pins. Remember that this is an undone look, so lightly pinch bits of hair at the base of the ponytail and pull towards your face to add more texture. Finish with some Aveda brilliant spray-on shine. Voila!



We have packaged up your favourites to replenish and repair your hair from winter damage, and refresh your colour ready for summer!

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