How to create Beachy Bridesmaid Hair

With the wedding season upon us, many brides-to-be will be looking for ways to stretch their budget as much as possible for their dream wedding. Why not pick a versatile yet beautiful beachy hair do that your bridesmaids can recreate themselves. Let our Styling Director, Dario show you how to DIY this look in a few easy steps. Watch the tutorial or scroll down to the bottom for more detailed instructions.

How-To Steps:

1. Using a tail comb, take a section from the crown of the head, down to the ears. On dry hair apply Aveda Brilliant Damage Control, by holding hair in your hands and spraying product directly onto hair. You’re after a damp result, but not too wet. Work the product through with your hands, making sure it is spread evenly through the hair, from the scalp, to the ends. Next, use Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion. Do not shake the product, but rather hold the bottle at a diagonal to the hair, and spray from the roots to the ends.

2. Twist the section of hair you have just sprayed, it will dry wavy this way. Repeat this procedure, all around the head. Using a hair dryer with diffuser, dry each section individually. If you have naturally straight hair, and you want to create more movement, place all the hair inside your hands, and hold it firmly as you dry it- this will make the hair curlier.

3. Finally, take all the hair together and hold in your hands. Twist it into one section, and blow-dry like this. With an elastic band, take all the hair at the back, and divide it in two. Twist it at the nape, which is better for fine hair, or make it into a ponytail if you have thicker hair. Twist hair twice, and secure the elastic band underneath the twist. Pull the hair underneath, and flip through the gap created between the two sections above the elastic band. Pull all of the secured hair through that space.

4. Secure hair at the back with bobby pins. Try not to use too many pins, just a few that are well placed. Section off the hair, twist it and secure it to the head in a style you like. There will be natural sections from previously. Use Aveda Air Control to keep hair in place.


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