How to create a Dirty Hair Updo

An up-do is such a versatile hairstyle that suits any occasion, whether you are going to work, parties or simply lounging around on weekends. Let our Styling Director, Dario show you how to DIY this look in a few easy steps. Watch the tutorial or follow instructions below.

How-To Steps:

1. Brush your hair using a paddle brush. Divide your hair from the top of the crown to the nape, in two sections. Twist one section of your hair starting from the back of your ear to the crown of your head (you will only need to twist half of this section). Secure with bobby pins the same colour as your hair. Repeat the same for the other side

2. Take all the remaining hair at the bottom, and divide it into two. Twist one half from the left hand side to the opposite side, secure this section of hair with bobby pins. Then twist the other half from the right hand side to the opposite side and secure it with bobby pins.

3. With your hands, place everything as a rolled bow at the back of the crown. Use your fingers to secure your hair at the crown and pin it with bobby pins.

4. Finish the look by spraying Aveda Air Control Hairspray around the whole head, especially on both sides of your head so hair will stay clear of ears ensuring a neat and classy look.




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