DIY Hair Tutorial: Hitomi’s Cool Headscarf Updo


Want a cool updo that doesn’t look like prom hair? Incredibly versatile, this off the neck, funky updo will definitely make an impression whether you’re catching up with the girls or going on a shopping venture.

A plain headscarf will bring stylishness to a work outfit. Patterns and a touch of colour will add a retro twist to your day-to-day look. Pick a sparkly headscarf and you’re ready for dinner. If you have shorter hair, slimmer or extra-thin hairbands will do the trick.

The hair accessory is the fun factor, allowing you to play around and bring personality to your updo. From headscarves to hair jewellery, headbands to feathers and pearls or lace strands, anything goes.

This DIY tutorial created by our senior hairdresser Hitomi Nagare uses a long headscarf that can be wrapped around your head, but you can also tie it in a bow on top of your head or on the side. All you’ll need to complete your look is eight bobby pins!



1. Lay the scarf out flat and fold it into a narrow, long band.

2. Wrap the scarf around the back of your head and pull both ends to the front.


3. Cross the ends once, twist them around each other and bring both sides to the back.

4. Tie with a not and tuck the knot and ends into your new headband.


5. Loosely divide the hair in half and roll it upwards towards the head and inside the headband.

6. Secure each section with three or four bobby pins and off you go! TIP: If you place the bobby pins vertically and tuck them down towards the head, they will be less visible.


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