Braid Me Up


Time to shake up what’s on top with a Rodarte inspired punk braid.

What you will need: Straightening irons or curling tongs, Aveda witch hazel hairsprayAveda light elements texturizing creme or mousse, bobby pins, two rubber bands, and one elastic band which matches your hair colour.

1. Allow your hair to dry naturally after washing. This look can also be done before your hair completely dries. If your hair is limp, put a very soft natural wave into it.

2. Grab a section of hair from the left side of your head approximately two inches above your ear. Braid it until it is around five inches in length. Then change into a plaiting technique and plait this section of  hair to the mid-back part of your head. Tie it off with a rubber band.

3. Do the same on the right hand side.  (Note: if braiding is not your specialty, you can just plait it instead. But make sure you are plaiting away from your face.)

4. When you are done simply join the two sections together. You can do this by taking a bit of hair from each braid and joining them by plaiting them together. Next tie the ends with an elastic tie.

5. Now say goodbye to those rubber bands that you initially used to tie off your side braids. Carefully cut the bands to help blend the two sides together.

6. Next we move onto some bun fun. Take a small section of hair from each of your side braids, make sure this section of hair is about 3cm wide.  Then use your hot irons and curl the section to prepare for the wrap.

7. Wrap the curled section of hair around two fingers and then slide your fingers out whilst securing the rosette using either u-pins or bobby pins. Keep this bun looking unfinished and grungy.

8. With your index finger and thumb loosen your two side plaits by lightly rubbing two fingers together with the hair in between. Do this for the whole plait.

9. Finally, accessorise with a studded leather head piece for a complete look.




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