95% of our waste is now recycled!

A Small business thats recycles 95% of our waste, how do we do it?

Our commitment has always been to lessen our ecological footprint. Hairdressing salons use large amounts of resources through their power consumption, chemical waste and electrical landfill.

Being an environmental leader in our industry, we aim to show salons that sustainability can be achieved in both small and large operations.

Our sustainable practices include:

Collection of 95% of salon waste: Plastic, paper and metal is separated.

All Hair clippings: Are collected and redirected for use as hair boons in oil spill programs. Hair Boons are large tubular cocoons that are filled with hair. They are used in industrial oil spills and soak up the oil in the water. The good thing is that they can be re-used continuously.
Pony Tails: Are collected for use in the Princess Charlotte Alopecia Program. This is a wonderful initiative for people who suffer hair loss from cancer treatments or alopecia.

All Foil and metal is recycled with our partners at sustainable salons all the proceed from metal recycling are donated to Oz Harvest. Metals includes tint tubes, foil from highlights and any other reusable metal waste.

Left over Hair Colour is collected and recycled, separating this waste from our precious waterways.

We use exclusively Aveda products. Aveda is one of the only beauty companies that use 100% wind power to manufacture their products. Aveda colour is upto 96% naturally derived, packaging and materials are sustainably sourced; making it good for you and the environment.

We charge a small fee of $2 on our guests final bill (not on each service) to cover the costs of couriers who have to transport the waste. We call it a green service levy.

Our Legacy lies in our talent and not our trash.

Luke Smart


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