5 Reasons Your Hair Isn’t Growing (And How To Change It)



Trying to grow your do out for summer but don’t seem to be making any progress? We feel you. Keep scrolling for five tips to help promote hair growth.

Lack of Iron
Make sure you are getting enough iron. The best sources are in your diet; chicken, turkey, beef, oysters, nuts, legumes, seeds, spirulina, and dark leafy greens are all packed with iron. Ask your doctor if your iron is as a healthy level or if you should try an iron supplement.

Not Getting Enough Sleep
Sleep is essential. Not getting enough of it can lead to an array of health problems, one of which is unhealthy skin and hair. You have a right to those eight hours so consider them top priority. You can dream about having long hair.

Trimming Too Much
Regular trims will remove the split ends and result in growth. Your hair will grow from the root however if you have split and brittle ends this will not translate to length. The key here is only to trim the ends, cut too much and all that hard work is undone. Talk to your stylist about your goals.

Stress impacts everything in the body, including your hair. Not being able to channel high levels of anxiety or pressure can lead to not only lack of hair growth, but hair loss. Try meditating for 20-minutes first thing each morning. It’ll help calm the mind before you start the day. Regular exercise also promotes blood flow and by releasing endorphins and other feel-good hormones, exercise can relieve stress and make you overall, happier.

Using The Wrong Product
Heating tools are quick to camouflage fried hair, but they aren’t doing us any favours in the long run. Hair care extends well beyond a cut. Incorporate the Aveda dry remedy hair mask ($55) into your weekly routine. Switch from a metal hair brush to an all natural Boar Bristle Brush, or a gentle detangling brush like Tangle Teezers (29.95). One of the best things you can do is invest in quality shampoo and conditioner. The Aveda Invati range is a take home 3 step process. An exfoliating shampoo plus a conditioner that strengthens and an activator that revitalises that scalp and promotes hair growth.

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